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    APRIL 1, 2019

    April is poetry month and here is my first poem of the month

    Save the planet recipe                                by Cassi Zin   April 1  Poem 1
    Serves all                                                                  

    Start by everyone not going to work                               
    Stop driving and start walking the streets to protest that this destruction and construction must end
    Separate out the super rich and add money to the rest, redistribute wealth 
    Mix well                                                                   l
    Bring in many colors 
    Give indigenous all the land 
    The others are just guests in the mixing bowl
    Add inoculated mushrooms to the forest
    Eliminate power plants
    Do not add more new products
    Fix what we already have 
    Stir in cooperation of people and serve room temperature

    Crickets at Midnight   by Cassi Zin      APRIL 2 POEM 2
    How is possible that all this could end in such short time?
    And when the morning birds are still singing and the night frogs are attracting their mates through inflate, deflate, of their air sack 
    Inhale, exhale, 
    Can you hear the evening’s breath?
    Surround sound to remind us to take care of the lungs of this earth but is it too late?
    And the crickets at midnight running the top of one wing along the other to chirp
    Stridulation it’s called

    And the silence of the forest still soothes us as we hike steeply to the top of the mountain that is home
    How could humans possibly allow home to be destroyed when the rest of the amphibians and mammals know how to preserve and protect this home?

    A pine cone falls to spread new life 
    Will this falling, with these ends, will it bring a new life of humans who are all compassionate and the currency is care and preservation of home?
    while at the same time chirping the evening’s earth tune


    POEM 3   April 3

    My lovers hair

    He keeps it long and I can rub my fingers through like weaving 

    Yarn in that game we used to play as kids as the other kid grabbed the yarn to weave their hands and we kept passing it back and forth.   I want to pass the caress back and forth 

    From him to me

    As if we are sewing a hammock as we sit in separate trees across from one another and we will meet in the middle and sew our lines and our patterns together still separate and unique

    Their was a time when sitting on the walnut tree was all I did. Now I barely have time to sit because there is work

    My lover cuts his hair and I can no longer take time to caress his hair because it is almost all gone so he can work better, work harder, work longer

    No time to collect the walnuts on the ground

    Barely enough time to fall asleep again and awake to go to work to cut the hair 

    To love


    APRIL 4  day 4


    The blanket that I pulled off of you
    To take home with me
    If you were now the blanket 
    After I watched you take your last breath
    I whispered as I kissed your forehead 
    I’m going home dad let’s go
    Some people wait with the body for hours because they believe the soul 
    Is still there
    But I went outside to be with your ex boyfriend and his new husband
    Outside in the heatwave on my back with orange flowers and a hummingbird
    I still wanted you there and I didn’t think it was real. I saw you take your last breath but I went back to your body to see if you might be breathing again. It looked like you were
    I needed your bear hug to comfort me 
    But all I had was the blanket I bought you from the thrift store to keep you warm in that cold room where they had your deathbed



    APRIL 5

    Out beyond planet earth there is a space we humans think

    We can inhabit

    Since we messed up this one


    I don’t want anything to do with

    These inactive planet murderers

    Out beyond ideas of how to save this planet


    There is a field

    I’ll meet you there

    Bring the coffee and some sticks for fire


    We will stay warm and if it rains

    We will hide from the stars

    Under the manzanita bramble


    Out beyond planet earth

    there are satellites and spaceships

    I can see them blinking

    There is also a field beyond

    I will see you there